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Caulking is applying an adhesive seal to perimeters of doors, windows, and control joints to facilitate waterproofing and energy conservation. We specialize in Polyurethane sealants.

There are many different products available for different areas of application.

We take time to carefully inspect and analyzes each situation and determine the proper sealant needed for each.

Common areas to be caulked are:

  • exterior perimeters of windows
  • doors, flashings
  • movement joints in masonry
  • vertical control joints
  • where different products meet

Windows And Doors

Sealant around windows and doors should be checked every three years.

If sealant is cracked or separated from adjoining masonry walls, water can penetrate behind the masonry causing deterioration or white staining on masonry surfaces.


Flashing should be checked every three years because of expansion and contraction to the metal flashing.

Flashings are most commonly used:

  • above and around dormers
  • where chimneys meet roof levels
  • parapet walls
  • where different products meet

If the sealant from these areas are cracked or separated from adjoining surfaces, water will enter directly into the structure causing interior damage to wood joist, rafters or drywall, leading to expensive interior repairs.

Movement Joints In Brick Or Concrete

Sealant in vertical or horizontal movement joints should be checked every three years.

Vertical movement joints are most commonly used on buildings or walls over forty feet long and are spaced every twenty feet apart allowing for expansion and contraction of the building or earth supporting the building. Horizontal movement joints are most commonly used on buildings with multiple floor levels and are placed on the exterior of each floor level.

The importance of sealant in these areas are to keep exterior water from entering into the building and preventing water from entering behind masonry facade.


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