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Jen-Chris repairs all types of masonry:

  • Exterior/Interior Masonry Walls
  • Masonry Porches, Chimneys
  • Parapet Walls
  • Retaining Walls

Masonry damage is usually noticed when water is leaking into a house or building or when the masonry is severely shifted or bulged. Usually at this stage of deterioration the repairs involve removing and rebuilding the entire deteriorated area to assure a sound and safe structure as well as achieving its original appearance.

Our craftsmen take pride in the work they perform and pay close attention to detail. We are experienced with all types of masonry such as; brick, block and many different kinds of stone including lannon stone, field stone and cultured stone.

Our craftsmen go the extra step to assure all new mortar matches existing mortar in color, texture and joint style as closely as possible.

Now is the time to change your masonry contractor!
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