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We repair, replace, and restore the deteriorated and weathered mortar in all types of masonry.

Tuck Pointing or Repointing

Tuck Pointing or Repointing is the process of raking out one to two centimeters of mortar from the joints of brick or stone and replacing it with new mortar. It is required where mortar has deteriorated by weathering (often due to uncontrolled rainwater) or when structural movement has opened up the joints. Repointing should be applied only where necessary. Removal of sound mortar for the sake of doing an entire wall, for example, is structurally unnecessary and can lead to damage of the masonry units. Instead, effort should be put into closely matching the pointing mortar to the color and texture of the existing mortar.



Good pointing allows rain water to flow over it and away, it also allows the free evaporation of moisture from within the wall. Degraded or projecting pointing will trap water and can channel it into the wall. If the mortar used is harder than the stone or brick adjacent to it, evaporation will occur via the faces of the stone. Salts can accumulate and, combined with frost damage, this can cause serious erosion of softer stones.


Photo a: Poor Example

Extremely poor repointing showing many errors: the new mortar, which has a high cement content, does not match the original in color or strength. The application has been smeared onto face of brick and cannot be removed. The jointing style is also inappropriate.


Photo b: Excellent Example

An excellent example of repointing: the repairs are virtually undetectable, and the color and jointing style match the original exactly, with no excess mortar on the face of the brick.



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